10 Tips to Save You Time & Money

David Limon
Monday, November 1, 2021
10 Tips to Save You Time & Money
Hello, this is David Limon with HIPACK Realty Group – Your Home Sold Guaranteed, or We’ll Buy It!
Today I will discuss Home Buying Tips And Tricks: 10 Tips to Save You Time and Money.
Although most homes for sale are resales, one out of four homebuyers purchases a new home. Which is better: existing or new? The right answer, of course, is up to you.

Both resales and new homes offer advantages. Existing homes are less expensive on average, and are generally closer to, and enjoy the warmth and surroundings of established neighborhoods, often with mature landscaping.
New homes, on the other hand, offer innovative use of space, greater energy efficiency and choices of options and upgrades. Everything is new and modern.
Most people consider both new and existing homes before they decide to purchase.
A new special insider report entitled "New Homes - 10 Tips to Save You Time and Money" has just been released which identifies 10 invaluable tips to save you time and money when purchasing a brand new home. Also revealed are little-known buyer advantages that most builders may not tell you.

Here are 4 of the 10 Ways to Save Money When Buying a New Home:

1. Get in Touch with Your Agent.
Before you visit your first model home, sit down with your agent and do your homework. You’ll want to be prepared so that you can determine a comfortable price range for your new home.

2. Sellers’ Agents Versus Buyers’ Agents.
Here’s a good point to remember. The sales agent in the model home represents the builder, not you the Buyer. They are known as sellers’ agents. As a buyer you can work with a buyers’ agent at no additional cost. It’s his/her business to best represent your needs by being knowledgeable about home construction, warranties, financing, differences in pricing, quality, even lot selection so that you get the best value for your money.

3. A Builder For All Reasons
Like all tradesmen, builders vary in their fields of expertise. For example there are builders who specialize in craftsmanship, others who are known for their innovative use of space, and those who offer below-market financing or customer attention during construction and after move-in. Determine your own specific needs or preferences then shop around for a builder that will best address your requirements.

4. Get the Facts About Your Builder
Before making a final decision, it is wise to check out the reputation and financial strength of the builder. Get “spec sheets” on home features covering everything from floor plans to energy efficiency, including lot availability and delivery of your home.

These are only 4 of 10 Ways to Save Money When Buying a New Home that you should know. You can get the detailed report for free, just give me a call at 951-447-8381.

And, if you or anyone you know is considering buying or selling a house, or If you would like a free market evaluation to determine what your home will sell for, also get tips on what to do and most importantly not do to get the most amount of money for your house, and go over all the various closing costs you’ll incur so you’ll know how much you will have in your pocket after all expenses.

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