How to Stop Paying Rent And Own Your Own Home in Murrieta Temecula Valley

David Limon
Wednesday, December 22, 2021
How to Stop Paying Rent And Own Your Own Home in Murrieta Temecula Valley

Don’t pay another cent in rent to your landlord. You don’t want to miss this FREE report that shows how to stop paying rent and own your own home. I have helped many home buyers get into there home of there dreams and stopped paying rent. 

It’s a dream we all have to own our own home and stop paying rent. But if you’re like most renters, you feel trapped within the walls of a house or apartment that doesn’t feel like yours. How could it when you’re not even permitted to bang in a nail or two without a hassle. You feel like you’re stuck in the renter’s rut with no way of rising up out of it and owning your own home. If you don’t want to feel trapped, stop lining your landlords pockets and stop wasting thousands of dollars on rent. Here are 3 out of 6 little known facts that can help you buy your first home and stop renting. 

The First fact is You can buy a home with much less down than you think. There are some government programs such as first time buyer programs to help people get into the housing market. Ensure your real estate agent is informed and knowledgeable in this important area and can offer programs to help you with your options. 

The second fact is You can buy a home even if you have problems with your credit score. If you can come up with more than the minimum down-payment, or can secure the loan with other equity, many lending institutions will consider you for a mortgage.  

The third fact is You can and should get preapproved for a loan before you go looking for a home. Preapproval is easy, and can give you compete peace-of-mind when shopping for your home. Mortgage experts can provide you with written preapproval for you at no cost and no obligation.  

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